A trademark is the name which a certain product or service has, identifying it and differentiating it from the rest. Its logo is the image perceived by the customer.

Its name and logo should be protected as efficiently as possible. Remember that the customers are attracted by trademarks which represent quality and prestige. The marketing development and positioning of a trademark is very expensive for the companies, due to this fact, the trademarks should be protected carefully.

Furthermore from what the marketing department of the companies carries out, it is important to apply the proper and professional protection of a trademark all along its lifespan. What we do is analyzing products or services in relation to the registering of trademark, and then we check if the trademark is already registered in Argentina or in other parts of the world.


  • Differentiate you from your competitors
  • Stand out its quality and constant characteristics
  • Carry out and reinforce the advertising campaign
  • Prevent other companies from using the same trademark


According to the article Nº1 in our law of trademarks and brands, the trademarks which can be registered to distinguish products and services are: One or more words with or without conceptual meaning, drawings, emblems, monograms, seals, images, bands, combinations of colours applied on certain parts of the product or package, wrapping, packing, combination of letters and numbers, letters and numbers by its special drawing, advertising slogans, embossed images with distinctive capacity and any other sign with the same capacity.

  • The process of registering a trademark starts with a request via e-mail or telephone, in order to find out if the trademark you would like to register has already been created or if it is not possible to register the trademark you would like to.
  • Our Law Firm is in charge of every stage of the process at the Direcciòn de Marcas del INPI (Trademark Register Department of State.) The information needed to register the mark is your personal data, being this a natural or a juridical person. Besides, it is a must to have a legal address in Federal Capital (Capital Federal), if you do not have one, our law firm provides it to you.
  • If the trademark has a logo, it should be attached to the registering application form together with all the patterns of colours.
  • The legal process takes approximately a year and a half in which our law firm is in charge of its procuring and monitoring of all the follow up steps. This is done in order to save time to the potential owner of the trademark, so that this person can concentrate on his professional activity and avoids wasting his time. But above all, we provide you the know-how and security of leaving the registering of your trademark in our hands.